Overlapping schedules and time restraints can make planning a special international getaway a daunting task; that is, unless there’s a specialized tour ready and waiting at your doorstep. Our tour Taiwan Art and Culture: Traditional and Contemporary departs May 13th. Here are four reasons why it might be just what you're looking for as you make your travel plans for 2017:

1. Direct Flights
There’s no need for long lay-overs or stops on Pacific islands when travelling from Vancouver to Taipei. Direct flights are available, saving you valuable time in transit. Our flight coordinator would be happy to assist you with bookings.
Taiwan alumni ubc tour
2. Rare Value
We’ve designed this tour to fit within a modest budget without skimping on quality. In fact, we’ve arranged for you to be accompanied by Canadian tour leader Susan Lahey who not only lived in Taiwan for two years, but also speaks Mandarin and is an expert in Chinese art. Her insights will enrich visits to night markets, art galleries, ancient temples, hot springs and the enchanting tea plantations around Sun Moon Lake; and all for US$2995.
Taiwan alumni ubc tour
3. A Short Break
If you’re schedule is tight, you can still fit in this visit to Asia’s “beautiful island.” This eight-day tour is the perfect short break, and proves that an impactful experience immersed in a fascinating culture doesn’t require an extended stay. If you do wish to stay for longer, though, we already have a tour extension in place, and would be happy to customize an extension to your specific interests.
Taiwan alumni ubc tour
4. Do Something Different!
A relatively tiny sub-tropical, mountainous island with thousands of years of storied heritage marked by ornate architecture sounds like the stuff of legends. Did we mention the great food at the night markets? From dumplings to sticky rice, evenings are as delicious as they are vibrant.

It’s no surprise to us that more and more people are discovering the splendours of Taiwan. For most North Americans, it’s as unique a destination as most will visit in a lifetime. A few spots remain on our 2017 tour. Call Amanda at our office to book your place now!

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