Join me and Boris Masip (Havana native) on my inaugural Most Liveable Cities trip to HAVANA: CAPITAL OF CREATIVITY, January 18 - 24, 2019

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When I led two back-to-back Classical Pursuits trips there in 2016, I could not get over the explosion of creativity. Dance, music, art, design – from amateur and kitsch to highly sophisticated and ultra-modern, everyone seemed to be creating something. In search of what makes Havana a capital of creativity, I will be returning with native Cuban Boris Masip (pictured below). Cuban born entrepreneur, dreamer, amigo.

Boris Masip

Creativity is woven into the Cuban culture. The island has a style and vitality that’s all its own, and there is nowhere better experience it than in Havana. There is no better time than right now, when the arts are exploding. And no better guide than Boris Masip, who will take us to visit some of Cuba’s best artists in their homes and studios.

We will ask these Cuban artists a lot of questions…
  • Why, in all of Caribbean and Central and South America, has Cuba become and remained a unique capital of creativity?
  • What role did Fidel Castro’s revolution play in the Cuban arts scene?
  • Will the temptations of the commercial market diminish the originality of Cuban art?
Audacious, contradictory, and beautiful – this is Havana!

Havana: Capital of Creativity

Read all about it and then be among the lucky last four to join us. Havana: Capital of Creativity. Donna Featherstone is standing by at Worldwide Quest to get you all signed up.
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