Exquisite dining experiences combined with hands-on culinary learning is the finest way to discover a country’s culture.
If you cook only occasionally or are a professional chef, you can always reap the benefits of cooking classes – especially in other cultures!
Follow these tips to make the most of your learning experience.
Tip #1: Make good notes
You’re going to take in a lot of valuable new tips and tricks during your culinary tour. Every meal offers new and insightful teachings, so it’s best to write things down.
We recommend always writing down tips for storing herbs and sauces that aren’t usually in your kitchen. That way you’re sure to keep everything fresh and safe to eat, especially.
Tip #2: Take a photo of your finished dishes
The fond memories are priceless and the visual inspiration will help you recreate the dish.
The most important thing to remember when photographing food: sunny, natural light is the best to create glistening results. Do not use your built-in flash.
Tip #3: Be a show off!
Once you return home from your trip, your friends will be itching to hear all of your interesting stories. Why not host a get-together and show off your favourite dish of the trip? Remember to pair it with your favourite traditional Vietnamese beverage!
There are still spots left on our 2014 Culinary Tour of Vietnam. Request a detailed itinerary here.