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4 Reasons to Visit Taiwan with us This Spring

By: Ian Shanahan
Overlapping schedules and time restraints can make planning a special international getaway a daunting task; that is, unless there’s a specialized tour ready and waiting at your doorstep. Our tour Taiwan Art and Culture: Traditional and Contemporary departs May 13th. Here are four reasons why it might be just what you're looking for as you make your travel plans for 2017:1. Direct Flights Th...

Your Chance to Get Rick's Sound Advice® in Person

By: Ian Shanahan
Any regular listener of CBC radio through the ‘90s and 2000s undoubtedly gained some insights into the world of classical music from Rick Phillips. His popular weekend program Sound Advice® aired for 14 years, filling homes across Canada with beautiful music and Rick’s thoughtful commentary.  With musical tour guiding now a bigger part of his life, Rick is now sharing hi...

Kamloops Art Gallery welcomes new exhibition and interim curator

By: Courtney Dickson, CBC News
Interim curator Adrienne Fast hopes to challenge audiences with new show.'They'll see some challenging images in the gallery space,' Fast said.Fast's desire to connect with the community through visual arts made her an ideal candidate for this position, said Margaret Chrumka KAG executive director.'It's always nice to bring someone with new eyes,' said Chrumka.  Since December, Fast has ...

Rod Phillips' Top 3 Wine Picks from Chile and Argentina

By: Laurielle Penny
Rod Phillips has taught at Carleton since 1989, and gives a popular course on the history of alcohol each year. He has written widely on the history of wine and other alcoholic beverages. Using his vast knowledge of our favourite beverage to sip around the holidays, we asked Rod to tell us his top 3 wine picks from Chile and Argentina:  Rod Phillips is hosting a very special wine to...

Five Stars aren't Enough in Andean Ecuador

By: Ian Shanahan
Andean peaks and equatorial cloud forests – not a bad starting point. One is immense in scale, the other in diversity of life. Many quickly find that they run out of superlatives rather quickly in the highlands of Ecuador. Snow-capped active volcanoes reaching over 5000 metres into the air are an obvious appeal, even if treks to the summit are better left to uber-intrepid pathfinders. The vi...

Brazil Highlights from Pete

By: Pete Read
What an amazing trip to Brazil this year! In order to balance and broaden our wildlife experiences we visited a few extra places with great results. Our trip started in Rio de Janeiro, where we enjoyed a day of activities including the two commanding viewpoints at Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf. Rio looks amazing from these lofty perches. Then, we had an enjoyable trip to the Botanical Garde...