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Enjoy our leaders’ reports from the field, our travellers’ stories and pictures, travel advice and staff picks from trips we’re working on.

A Polar Bear Record: Counting Back From 43

By: Ian Shanahan
“We’ve got a visual on a Walrus in the water straight ahead,” echoed over each zodiac driver’s radio. Expedition leader Boris Wise had just turned flagging hope into fervent anticipation. Our final wildlife target on our last full day was a long-shot at best as we circled Monumental Island in the southern Davis Strait. We had almost completed a full circuit of the island am...

Lynette Husum on, “Why would you ever want to go to India?”

By: Lynette Husum
“Why would you ever want to go to India?” 'Why wouldn't you want to visit India?' is what we would reply.I have recently read on line the acronym for some individuals’ experience of INDIA: 'I'll Never Do It Again.' However our experience has been completely the opposite. Our acronym for INDIA is: 'I Need to Do It Always'.We have visited India twice. In 2014 we visited Northern In...

Hotels in South India You May Never Want to Leave

By: Laurielle Penny
When we create a Private Journey for you, we pay attention to where you put your head down at the end of a day filled with amazing experiences. I’ve just stayed at two gorgeous heritage properties that you may never want to leave. We’ll make sure you stay when we create your Private Journey to South India.The Palais de Mahe in Pondicherry was designed with the approval of the Indian Na...

Quest will be at the Festival of Birds!

By: Justin Peter
Nature enthusiasts the world over will flock to Point Pelee National Park in Ontario’s deep south this spring to enjoy spring migration. I’m thrilled to announce that Quest Nature Tours will once again be there! This park, one of the oldest of Canada’s National Parks, has long held the distinction of hosting an excellent concentration and variety of migrant birds, making for exce...

From Vegas to the Copper Canyon on the Wings of a Small Reddish-brown Bird

By: Ian Shanahan
While clambering over boulders within a small canyon in southern Nevada, a distinctive sound broke the silence. I called to my dad some fifty metres away to say that I was hearing something that reminded me of the sound effect emitted by a slot machine when one loses a large sum of money: a loud and almost too-in-your-face series of rapidly descending notes. Slots and casinos were especially on my...

Private Journey Testimonials

By: Lewie Gonsalves
Here's what past travellers are saying about their Private Journeys with Worldwide Quest: 'This was an outstanding trip which allowed us to see India as it is. As we expected it was an assault on the senses and the emotions. Generally the guides were excellent and willing to engage in discussions about their country and its history and politics. This allowed us to learn so much about India. I...