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Belize & Tikal - Motmots and the Maya

By: Sherry Kirkvold
When it comes to looking at birds, I have to say I am quite enamoured with the flashy dressers. Included in my all-time favourites are the motmots. Most of them are substantial in size, beautifully coloured, and some even have fancy racket tails. I first encountered members of this group while travelling in Honduras and later in other Central American countries. So when leading the Quest Nature To...

Four Things that Surprised Me about Myanmar

By: Samantha Clark
1) The sheer number of stupas I saw.As we cruised up the Irrawaddy River and wandered through towns and villages, I could spot a dazzling golden stupa at almost every moment. I learned how their design has evolved over time since the 7th century and usually enshrines a holy relic.   2) Loving kindness everywhere I went. I greatly admired the loving kindness that everyone exudes, despite the r...

Peruvian Scallops, Fish and Mango Ceviche Recipe

By: Brisa Deneumostier
We Peruvians are very proud of our ceviche. It is said that before the Spaniards came, ceviche was done with dry salted fish, ají (Peruvian hot pepper) and Tumbo juice (banana passion fruit). It is after the Spaniards came and together with the Moorish influence that ingredients like: onions, lime juice, cilantro and garlic were added.During the 19th and 20th century a great number of Japanes...

On The Trail of Darwin's Finches

By: Justin Peter
Most everyone has heard of the Darwin’s Finches – that group of birds in the Galapagos thought to have evolved from a common ancestor that landed in the archipelago a long time ago. As the story goes, different lineages of finches arose on the islands through natural selection, leading to the evolution of several distinct species with bills of different shapes and sizes.  Though t...

Humahuk Expedition supported in part by One Ocean Expeditions

By: Laurielle Penny
With a reputation for innovation and quality expeditions, our polar partner One Ocean Expeditions is a proud sponsor of the upcoming Humahuk Expedition – a ground search using oral traditions to find the remains of the Franklin Expedition. 'For well over 30 years, I have been fascinated by the mystery of Sir John Franklin, and his fated expedition. This fascination, which has led to over ...

A Polar Bear Record: Counting Back From 43

By: Ian Shanahan
“We’ve got a visual on a Walrus in the water straight ahead,” echoed over each zodiac driver’s radio. Expedition leader Boris Wise had just turned flagging hope into fervent anticipation. Our final wildlife target on our last full day was a long-shot at best as we circled Monumental Island in the southern Davis Strait. We had almost completed a full circuit of the island am...