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Enjoy our leaders’ reports from the field, our travellers’ stories and pictures, travel advice and staff picks from trips we’re working on.

Why I Have Been to Bathurst Inlet Four Times

By: Cathy Rand, Quest traveller
It’s the magic. It’s the expansiveness. It’s the diverse natural history and human history. It’s the golden glow cast on the lodge at 1:00 a.m. in this land of the Midnight Sun. It’s the peaceful days full of new vistas and wildlife sightings as we travel the Inlet on the sturdy pontoon boat and hike on land. Four visits over 24 year years have made Bathurst Inlet my ...

A Celebration of the Arts in Toronto: November 4, 2015

By: Laurielle Penny
You're invited to a Celebration of the Arts presented by Worldwide Quest! Our cultural tour leaders are giving talks on literature, classical music and rock-cut churches of Ethiopia. Also, a special feature will be a presentation of India's classical Odissi dance! Wednesday, November 4  7:00 - 9:00pmToronto Botanical Garden at 777 Lawrence Ave. E.  Please RSVP to Samantha to re...

Scotland: Wildlife of the Highlands and the Islands

By: Justin Peter
In July, 2016 we're headed to Scotland, the seat of Great Britain’s largest wild spaces. Surprising to some, it has been the topic of “re-wilding” debates as many are convinced it contains enough wilderness to sustain the re-introduction of Moose and Brown Bear! While we won’t see these species there yet, we will have the fantastic opportunity to discover the extent and gra...

The Dawn of Civilisation: Pre-Bagan Urban Cities in Myanmar

By: Paula Swart
Limited space still available to join UBC Study Leader Paula Swart on a trip-of-a-lifetime along Myanmar's Irrawaddy River. For more information and to request a detailed itinerary, please click here.At the annual meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee held in June 2014 in Qatar, it was announced that the Ancient Pyu Cities of Myanmar were officially inscribed as cultural property on the o...

Dubai or Not Dubai? That is the Question

By: Ann Kirkland
Confession – I want to sell you a Travel Pursuit to Dubai from March 7 to 13, 2016. Selling does not come naturally to me, but I think this trip deserves an extra push since, if you are anything like I was, Dubai may not be on your radar. My vision of the emirate, such as it was, could be summed up by this anonymous quote, “… an affluent bubble in a cloudless sky, confected in a ...

Two Arctic Birds of Canada's Northwest Passage

By: Jean Iron
About 10 species of birds are hardy enough to stay in the Arctic year round. On our recent expedition to the Northwest Passage, we had exciting encounters with two specialties: Rock Ptarmigan and Gyrfalcon. I was able to take some great shots with my camera and here you'll find a first-hand account of these special moments.   Rock Ptarmigan - Nunavut's Territorial BirdThe ultimate A...