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India: Where Culture, History, Wildlife and Awe Intersect

As a youth I recall vividly “stalking” a tiger as I dreamed of this faraway place. Only much later in life, in 2014, did I have my first opportunity to travel to the Indian Subcontinent and the memories will last my lifetime!  From the shores of the Ganges to the marvel of the Amber Palace of Jaipur – the Pink City – to the Taj Mahal, everywhere I looked held me spellb...

Introducing New Quest Leader: Josh Vandermeulen

By: Justin Peter
If one’s ability to transform one’s childhood interests into a career is considered remarkable, then new Quest leader Josh Vandermeulen is a remarkable individual indeed, for he has been interested in natural history since childhood and is now doing what he loves. But don’t let his young looks fool you into thinking it has been easy for him. Although he completed by studies in Ec...

Madagascar: Evolution Gone Wild!

By: Pete Read
I cannot wait to get back to Madagascar! It is an island of wonderful and unique natural history and wildlife and it should be on any nature lover’s priority travel list. Its isolation for eons has allowed for its flora and fauna to develop into a great diversity of unique forms.   Among its natural treasures are the emblematic lemurs – a fascinating group of diverse primates...

On the Road with Ann: It's Colombia, not Columbia

By: Ann Kirkland
A funny thing happens when I travel with Classical Pursuits: I fall in love. OK, It may be more philia than eros, but a deep and enduring affection develops for the country I am visiting. It happened in Egypt, in India, in Vietnam and Cambodia.I leave home with great curiosity about what makes a place tick, and how it feels to be a citizen of that place. And, while there, both through discussing t...

Exploring Antarctica on One Ocean's Akademik Ioffe

By: Amanda Woods
“Welcome to Antarctica!” As we are helped out of our zodiacs and step foot on the Antarctic continent for the first time, our One Ocean expedition leader Boris Wise’s enthusiasm for what we’re experiencing appears to match our own. He may have been here many times before, but this is a place where it would be hard to grow weary of.After being told which areas are safe for u...

An Eclectic Country in the South

By: Justin Peter
How many countries can boast such varied habitats as desert, lowland tropical rainforest, glaciers, hilly cloud forests, and high arid plateau, with an attendant variety of wildlife, scenery, and intriguing civilization too? We reckon that only a select few countries could fit these criteria and we think that Peru matches these criteria best. I had the opportunity to discover this for myself durin...