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Enjoy our leaders’ reports from the field, our travellers’ stories and pictures, travel advice and staff picks from trips we’re working on.

Dubai's Cultural Metamorphosis

By: Ann Kirkland
In just a few short decades Dubai has been transformed from a sleepy trading village into a regional powerhouse for commerce and finance — and it has the skyscraper-filled skyline to show for it. It boasts the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, which handily surpassed the CN Tower when it opened in 2010 (828 metres to 555 metres).After the shock of the sheer unlikely physicali...

Our Top Travel Memories

By: Lynette and Roger, Worldwide Quest clients
One of my favourite memories of a Private Journey is visiting the Kyaikhtiyo Golden Rock Pagoda and Temple in Myanmar at sunset. We had our wonderful guide U Shan with us who we knew from a previous trip. He guided us to the temple taking local transportation which Buddhist pilgrims use. I was able to purchase gold leaf which I, along with many other pilgrims, rubbed onto the precariously balan...

An Intimate Glimpse into Polar Worlds

By: Laurielle Penny
Daisy Gilardini's passion for photography and our natural world has grown into a lifelong commitment to disseminate conservation messages and inspire others to respect and preserve our fragile planet. She strongly believes in the education of younger generations, impressionable minds that will one day become the decision-makers of the future. For Daisy, photography means extreme adventure:'Many ti...

What's for Breakfast in South India?

By: Miranda Hueston
South India is home to some of the best cuisine in the world, and there’s no better way to say good morning in South India than with a big, delicious breakfast! With such a diverse variety of food to suit any taste, how can you possibly choose which delicious meal to indulge in to start your day? Worldwide Quest is here to help with that decision: we’ve put together a list of five deli...

What is so special about Spain in spring?

Our Spain in Spring 2016 tour is a very special exploration of what is arguably Europe's most fascinating country, where the combination of nature with a historic backdrop is unique and unequalled. After leading this tour several times previously, I would say that the top 3 highlights would be as follows:   1. Seeing all of Spain's wonderful birds: the rare Spanish Imperial Eagle; the hu...

Peru: Diverse, Resourceful, Resilient – and Delicious

By: Tammy Horne
I recently returned from a culinary tour of Peru, led by Gail Hall. Gail is a chef, educator, writer and food explorer with plans to go to South India for even more culinary adventures in early 2016. For me, the common thread running through this diverse journey was the resourcefulness and resilience of Peruvians. The first day, we met Ulises, who left his job as a professor of environmental ...