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Monarchs of Mexico: The Highlights

By: Jessica Linton
In February I had the immense pleasure of leading my first Quest tour to the famed overwintering grounds of Monarch butterflies in Mexico. During the tour we visited four of the five butterfly sanctuaries that are open to the public. These sanctuaries are located within the high-altitude pine and fir forests of the Reserva de Biosfera de la Mariposa Monarca (Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve). ...

Laurielle's Big Night Out in Antarctica

By: Laurielle Penny
After an amazing day exploring at Orne Harbour and Neko Harbour along the Antarctic Peninsula, I was ready for a big night out – of camping under the stars in the most beautiful place in the world.Our expedition leaders had explained the previous day how the event would work so we could carefully consider what’s involved. ‘Managing my ballast’ – as Expedition Leader, ...

P.E.I. with Chef Michael Smith

By: Ian Shanahan
Meeting local fishers and farmers is part of the experience when you visit Chef Michael Smith's The Inn at Bay Fortune with us this June. In this short clip from 'Far and Wide', two master chefs do a whirlwind culinary tour of the gentle island to meet the key faces and places that make Chef Michael's P.E.I. kitchen one of a kind. Learn more about our tour of P.E.I. here. Watch it now:...

NEW Host for "East Coast Extravaganza"!

By: Laurielle Penny
Faye Wightman to host alumni UBC Travel Club’s Canada 150 East Coast Extravaganza tour in October, 2017.Celebrate Canada’s 150th in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Join the Chair of the University of British Columbia’s Board of Directors Faye Wightman on our tour to Canada’s ‘must-see’ Fogo Island, historic Halifax, and colourful St. John’s.   Stay...

A Quest First in India

By: Justin Peter
Late last autumn I had the privilege of hosting a group of intrepid Quest travellers on our inaugural tour of India’s Northwest region. I was very excited about this tour for what it would offer. Comprised of the states of Rajasthan and the diverse but little-visited Gujarat, this region is overall more diverse than the centre of country where our Quest travellers have ventured many times pr...

Cover Yourself with Colour at the Annual Holi Festival

By: Ian Shanahan
The onset of spring signifies renewal, vivacity and a flourish of colour and life. In North India, this is taken to the extreme, and it makes for one heck of a celebration!Every year at the end of February or beginning of March, millions of people prepare for one of the biggest and most ancient Hindu religious festivals of the year. The Holi festival or “festival of colours” runs for t...