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Marco Polo wrote about the mysterious flames of Fire Mountain, not far from Baku in what is now Azerbaijan. Now natural gas is a big earner for the country, fueling a flamboyant regeneration of the city marked by the Flame Tower skyscrapers, the museum designed to look like a rolled-up carpet, and the undulating whale shape of the Zaha Hadid designed Aliyev Centre.
  • Azerbaijanis take tea with jam
  • It has a city built on stilts
  • Its gas is plentiful as are its grapes
  • Girls are taught crochet from a young age
  • Bread is sacred - if you drop bread on the floor, it's custom to kiss it  
Good To Know
Signature Moments
  • Embracing the hospitality and tea culture
  • Strolling through time in Baku's Old City
  • Visiting Azerbaijan’s mud volcanoes, home to nearly a third of the world's collection

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