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The complexities and challenges of travel in parts of the Middle East require an in-depth level of knowledge. And nowhere more so than in Iran. Since Lewie first led a tour to the country in 2009, we’ve been exploring Iran and its treasures. Our guides are eager to introduce Iran’s ancient culture and throughout the country we have been met by the open-hearted welcome of the Iranian people. Tehran offers a wealth of museums and a level of comfort in hotels that lets you settle in nicely. Beyond the capital, there is scenery that looks straight out of a Persian miniature. There are snowcapped mountains and rows of olive groves that could be in Tuscany. But the real treasures, in our opinion, lie in the heartland; in the brooding city of Yazd with its Towers of Silence, in Shiraz and in the tiled mosques of Isfahan. The ruins of Persepolis, the magnificent palace conceived by Darius the Great in 518BCE is truly a must see for any lover of ancient civilizations.

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