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Europe’s famous “boot” in the Mediterranean Sea calls for multiple visits for its art alone, to say nothing of its architecture, history, cuisine, mountainous landscapes and geology. The great art cities of Venice, Florence and Rome house some of the world’s most renowned Western art pieces. There is also of course the architecture and enthralling history of Ancient Rome or the archaeological remains of the Lost City of Pompeii in Naples that lie in the shadow of ominous Mount Vesuvius. The southern island of Sicily has more recent tales of volcanic eruptions from Mount Etna – Europe’s tallest active volcano. Inland, vineyards and olive groves are the origin of great Italian wine and olive oil. Rousing seascapes will enchant for their beauty; seabirds can be seen patrolling the ocean waves. All of Italy seems to be about style, passion and artistic expression, making for a truly life-changing experience.
  • Gelato has half the calories you find in ice cream
  • Michelangelo’s David is 5.17 metres high
  • The ice cream cone is an Italian invention
  • Pizza is one of few words that is understood all over the world
  • Musical notations are always in Italian
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Signature Moments
  • Tasting cheese from the Parmesan wheels bobbing in brine baths at Caseificio Rosola di Zocca
  • Visiting Palermo's Palazzo Abatellis with the curator: from Romanesque to Baroque, Sicilian style

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