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Far from the ocean in the heart of Asia is this “land forgotten by time” – a phrase often used to describe some of the Earth’s wildest and most remote regions. It is a distinction perhaps no more appropriate than in Mongolia where, across its massive land area, few permanent settlements lie. Those that do exist are separated by almost endless expanses of sweeping taiga, steppe and desert. As stark as these places can be, camels and impressive congregations of migratory Mongolian Gazelles subsist. There is also a formidable variety of birds, with the bulk being migrants and summer breeders. The intrepid traveller will enjoy the traditional hospitality of the nomadic inhabitants as well as rustic accommodations and unique food. The rare touches of urban life are best experienced in the nation’s largest city of Ulaanbaatar. From the mountainous north to the Gobi Desert in the south, the adventure of a lifetime awaits in this untamed and largely unchanged land.
  • Fermented mare’s milk won’t kill you
  • Mongolia is the world’s largest landlocked country
  • Ulan Bator, the capital, used to be a nomadic city, and would move up to three times a year
  • Genghis Khan could not read or write, but he commissioned the first Mongolian writing system
  • It is believed that whistling indoors will call evil into the building, and is considered taboo
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Signature Moments
  • Digging for dinosaurs in the south Gobi
  • Riding two humped camels across the dunes
  • Watching archers perfect their skills

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