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Life and landscape exist on a grand scale in the harsh but jaw-dropping wilds of Namibia. From the world’s highest dunes of 300 metres in the Namib Desert with its desert elephants and rare Black Rhinos to the flocks of 200 000 birds at Sandwich Harbour, there will be no shortage of “wow moments”. The ancient rock engravings of Damaraland leave a lasting impression, while other expanse vistas show no evidence of any prior human habitation. A consistent highlight is Etosha National Park in the northwest where Giraffe, Blue Wildebeest, Black-faced Impala and Plains Zebra are some of the many species of charismatic megafauna that peacefully roam. Further wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities abound in the Kalahari Desert east of the mountains and the lush green Caprivi Strip. Namibia is a land of grandeur and spell-binding solitude that is certain to enchant.
  • German style beer and watermelon wine are equally available
  • The free-roaming cheetah population of Namibia is the largest in the world
  • The Namib Desert is known as the world’s oldest desert
  • In fact, 80% of the country is made up of desert
  • It is home to the world's highest sand dune
Good To Know
Signature Moments
  • Climbing the sand dunes (and sliding down)
  • Walking with the Himba people
  • Luxuriating in the hot springs at Fish River Canyon
  • Meeting the researchers at the Cheetah Conservation Centre

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