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New Zealand

It has been said that you can’t take a bad picture in New Zealand – something many of our travellers can attest to after returning from this tiny country where everything exists on a grand scale. New Zealand’s story began 80 million years ago when it broke away from supercontinent Gondwanaland. Since then, its isolation in the South Pacific catalyzed the evolution of numerous endemic species – most notably, the Kakapo Parrot and the iconic Kiwi. There are also reminders of prehistoric wildlife with the Tuatara (a reptile), Weta (a group of insects) and Giant Snail. These and other creatures are protected in the 20% of the country’s surface area covered by national parks and nature reserves. The dramatic glaciers, deep fjords, rugged mountains and volcanic plateaus will inspire as they did for the creators of the epic Lord of the Rings film trilogy. There are also miles of beautiful beaches for those seeking a place to enjoy the southern sun. Reminders of native Maori life dot the landscape in historic sites, while magnificent colonial-era buildings invite exploration in more urban areas. Your camera and sense of wonder will be well-served here on the other side of the world.
  • The population of New Zealand is 4.2 million humans and 40 million sheep
  • Tuatara lizards can live up to 100 years and kauri trees to about 2000 years
  • Bungee jumping was invented here!
  • In New Zealand, 'Kiwi' refers to the bird or the people, not the fruit which is called Kiwifruit or Chinese Gooseberries
  • New Zealand was the last major landmass to be populated, which may be why it remains so pristine
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Signature Moments
  • Taking in the incredible scenery on the ferry to South Island
  • Exploring spectacular Fiordland  

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