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Culinary delights and romantic flare describe the essence of Portugal for many who explore its coastal fishing villages, historic city centres, cork-oak forests and beyond. Monuments and architecture from the riveting Age of Discovery highlight an overall colourful and authentic nation. Here, discoveries from the New World mix with the established Old to create a unique experience. There are also the delights of wine country along the Douro River north to Porto and its architectural splendor. The diversity of inland habitats includes mountains, lush forests and dry desert lands. Impressive congregations of migratory birds fleetingly occupy coastal areas; seabirds, whales and dolphins abound in the waters surrounding the offshore volcanic archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores.
  • Fish, particularly cod (bacalhau) is a very popular dish
  • The Portuguese eat more fish and shellfish per head of population than people in any other country
  • Port wine gained popularity when in the 1700's Britain banned the import of French products, including wine
  • With the same defined borders since 1139, Portugal is the oldest nation-state in Europe
  • Over half of the world's cork comes from Portugal
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Signature Moments
  • Original Port tasting in Porto
  • Cruising up the Duoro 

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