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Scandinavia’s largest nation quietly goes about its business with little fanfare despite being consistently ranked as one of the best places in the world to live. Remarkable efficiency and attention to aesthetic beauty and upkeep pervades developed areas. This makes travelling throughout Sweden comfortable and colourful, with constant reminders of the practical design techniques that have garnered international notoriety. Norse lore and medieval history are very much alive at Viking ruins, medieval fortresses and centuries-old villages. Swedish Lapland in the far north is one of Europe’s great wilderness areas, and home of the indigenous Sami people whose livelihood is based on Reindeer herding. Father south, magnificent mountains delight trekkers, and the vast pine and birch forests are interspersed with thousands of lakes and streams. Sweden’s allemansrätten or Right of Public Access means freely roaming the countryside is encouraged, making for excellent fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities. Along the Baltic coast in the east, the almost dream-like capital city of Stockholm is nestled beside an archipelago of some 30,000 islands.

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