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United Arab Emirates

Architectural splendor and enormity immediately come to mind with the UAE. At lightning speed, major cities have built themselves up with futuristic skyscrapers and lavish hotels. In fact, Dubai even boasts the world’s first “seven” star hotel, the Burj al Arab. Capital Abu Dhabi just southwest from Dubai along the Arabian Gulf coast has kept pace with the construction of the world’s most expensive mosque. Though a hot dry desert across most of its land area, its two coasts and positioning along a migratory pathway make it an excellent destination for breeding colonies of seabirds and scads of migratory shorebirds. Take a step into the future with glitz and glamour as you discover the best of the UAE.
  • Although modern, for ladies a slightly more conservative dress is recommended
Good To Know
Signature Moments
  • Exploring the gold souks
  • Curling our toes in fine sand of the Persian Gulf

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