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Ann Haynes-Sutton

Ann Haynes-Sutton is a conservation ecologist who has spent her working life in Jamaica. She is the senior author of “A photographic guide to the birds of Jamaica” published by Princeton University in 2009, and has been leading bird and natural history tours in Jamaica and other islands for many years. She lives at Marshall’s Pen, near Mandeville, in the centre of Jamaica - a 310 acre cattle property and private nature reserve that is one of Jamaica’s premier birding destinations. Her interest in birds and natural history started when she was growing up in England, becoming a passion when she came to live in Jamaica. She studied Jamaican seabirds for her Ph.D. Professionally, she focuses on ecology, protected areas management and conservation, environmental education and exhibit design. Her other interests include bird banding. She is involved with several NGOs including BirdsCaribbean and Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation and is a past president of the Natural History Society of Jamaica.

Here's what travellers have to say about Ann:

"Ann really was incredible. Very accommodating and knows EVERYTHING." – 2020 Jamaica traveller

"Ann is extremely knowledgeable about all things Jamaica." – Barbara P., 2017 Jamaica traveller

"She was so personable and always pumped and willing to answer questions and provide information." - Dayle C., 2017 Jamaica traveller

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