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Dan Riskin

Dan Riskin, PhD, is a television personality, scientist, author, and podcaster. He is best known in Canada as the co-host of Discovery's flagship science program, Daily Planet. In the US and elsewhere, he is recognized as the host of Animal Planet's hugely successful show about parasites, Monsters Inside Me. He has published more than 20 papers in scientific journals, including Nature, mostly about the biomechanics of bats. His first popular book, Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You was a Canadian bestseller, and his weekly podcast, Recent Paper Decent Puzzle is available now. Dan will be keen to explore Borneo with you and with a particular interest in bats. Dan will be joined on this tour by his spouse, Shelby Riskin, PhD, who is a soil scientist with a particular interest in the effects of deforestation and agricultural intensification on surface hydrology and movement of nutrients in the landscape.

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