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Sean Forester

Sean Forester is a San Francisco–based artist and lecturer. He lived in Italy for ten years and trained as a classical painter at the Florence Academy of Art. Sean is Director of Art History, Humanities, and Composition at the Golden Gate Atelier. He loves to share his passion for art and has led tours in Europe for Classical Pursuits and Context Travel. A Rotary Scholar, Sean has a B.A. from The Great Books Program at St. John’s College and an M.A. in English Literature from Cambridge University.
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Current Projects

I continue to study the old masters I admire. I paint portraits from life in my studio and landscapes in plein air. As Van Gogh said, "The figure of a laborer, some furrows in a ploughed field, a bit of sand, sea, or sky are serious subjects, so difficult and yet so beautiful, that it is indeed worthwhile to dedicate one's life to expressing the poetry hidden in them."

Memorable Moment

Standing before Titian's monumental Assumption of the Virgin in the Frari church in Venice. Discussing this masterpiece with a Classical Pursuits group.