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Catherine Jardine

Catherine Jardine is an avid naturalist and traveller who follows her considerable interests in wildlife and landscapes worldwide. A superlative communicator of the natural world, Catherine works as a staff ornithologist with Bird Studies Canada, where her research focuses on large-scale datasets as a means to answer questions about bird ecology and anthropogenic impacts on bird populations.
Catherine has worked as field biologist on multiple different projects, including surveys of seabirds such as Atlantic Puffins and Rhinoceros Auklets on remote islands. She’s also worked with many critically endangered bird species including the flightless Kakapo and Brown Kiwi in New Zealand, and Burrowing Owls in North America. She has also worked as an expedition guide in Antarctica. Catherine grounds her interpretive style in an understanding of a region’s ecology, the adaptations of its resident wildlife and the current conservation challenges and solutions. Engaging people in the wonders of the natural world, while making as many puns as possible, is her passion!

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Current Projects

Catherine’s primary projects include investigating the impact of wind energy development on birds and bats and the Motus Wildlife Tracking System, a new technology being used globally to understand bird migration and dispersal and connectivity between summer and winter ranges.

Memorable Moment

Encountering a large male Indian One-horned Rhinoceros while on foot in Nepal was one of the most surprising and moving moments of my life. To see one of the world’s most persecuted and powerful species peacefully grazing in the early morning light with nothing between us but a few metres of air filled me with a sense of wonder and privilege.