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Dylan White

Dylan grew up in the city but fell in love with wild places and the creatures that inhabit them long before he could walk. It is this lifelong passion for experiencing, conserving and learning about nature has motivated his work. He is a professional ecologist with 10 years of experience on more than 175 diverse projects, and moonlights as a wilderness and wildlife guide. He has used this foundation, as an independent ecologist, on various contracts in academic research and ecology planning. Some project highlights include research on red squirrels, migratory shorebirds and hoary bats, as well as ecological protection planning in James Bay, impact mitigation planning in Nunavut and wetland restoration projects in Ontario. Additionally, Dylan has become highly involved as a technical skills trainer, and many of his past students have moved into full-time roles in the environmental sector.

Nicknamed the ‘Happy Camper’ as a young kid, Dylan was bound for the outdoors. He started with canoe trips as a teenager, and later served as a canoe and whitewater guide in ON and BC. He now combines his love of travel and adventure with his passion for wildlife and the environment. A new Quest Nature Tours leader, Dylan is well-travelled with excursions spanning from Southern Africa to South America and the Arctic regions. He is also a devout musician!

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