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Mark Cwik

Mark Cwik is education manager and a longtime seminar leader for Classical Pursuits. Mark currently lives in London, England, where he leads seminars with the London Literary Salon. He is looking forward to sharing his longstanding interests in Latin, monasticism, and all things classical and medieval amid the hills and towns of Umbria and Le Marche.
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Current Projects

Reading Halldor Laxness’ big, beautiful novel of Iceland, Independent People. You wouldn’t think that a bleak landscape, cold weather, a stubborn sheep farmer and lots of sheep would make for great literature. But Laxness blends them all together with a finely-honed sense of humor and pathos.

Memorable Moment

Being taken on a gallop by a runaway horse in Pereira, Columbia. I couldn't remember the Spanish word for "Whoa!" Everyone else along on the trail ride thought it was hilarious.