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Nanette Snel

Nanette Snel is a seasoned and passionate traveller. Born in Venezuela, raised in Holland with ties to Portugal, Brazil and South Africa, travel is in her blood. Nanette enjoys a successful career as an Interior Decorator and runs her own business, but she loves to take time out to see the world. With excellent people skills and a talent for organization, Nanette will make sure your tour is memorable and that every need is taken care of – with a smile.

"Travelling with Nanette was like travelling with a good friend who was always inclusive and caring and you knew she was ready to go to bat if there were any issues along the way." - Norma, 2017 South India traveller

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To enjoy our beautiful Canadian summer to the fullest! I rarely travel abroad during the summer months because Canada has so much to offer and I love exploring our gorgeous country.

Memorable Moment

Walking through a small village in Myanmar and knowing we were only the second group of tourists to ever walk through that village. It was like walking back in time and I felt very privileged and honoured to be allowed a peek into the locals’ lives.