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Aaron Lawton

Aaron Lawton develops the Polar program for One Ocean Expeditions, bringing a strong commitment to conservation in the Polar Regions. Over the last decade, Aaron has been expedition leader or kayak guide on about a hundred trips to the Canadian Arctic, the Antarctic Peninsula and Svalbard.

Aaron holds a degree in forestry from the University of British Columbia. This has led to a real appreciation for and understanding of ecology and the connectivity of ecosystems. Wherever you may travel with him you will find he will break any environment down to its base ecosystem components and share with you an understanding of the connectivity between them.
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Current Projects

I'm most often preparing for my next expedition. As Arctic season approached, we juggle the pieces of expedition ships, staff and of course ice and weather. Running an Arctic expedition takes patience and perseverance and underlying that needs to be a sense of humour.

Memorable Moment

Sailing westward out of the Bellot Strait last summer on the Victoria Strait Expedition, we came across a 30 foot yacht entrapped in the ice. As our Captain steered our 6000 ton ship gently through the ice to free the yacht, a polar bear was spotted on the ice making a beeline for the yacht. The race between bear and ship kept our passengers riveted as we struggled to get there first. And in the end, we did.