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Most Liveable Cities

Urban Explorer Ann Kirkland invites you to travel with her for a new and engaging series of trips to some of the world’s most liveable cities. We will discover what delights and enlivens people who call a particular city home.
What makes a Liveable City?
What will we do?
  • Vibrant and walkable neighbourhoors
  • Streets that burst with life
  • Transit options that work for all – pedestrians, cyclists, public transit users, taxis, and, where necessary, drivers
  • Public spaces that are beautiful, exciting, and well-maintained
  • Housing that is plentiful and affordable
  • Step into the shoes of local residents and walk around, seeing the city through their eyes
  • Find innovative examples of community-building and creating public spaces
  • Meet urban leaders, professional architects and planners, and, of course, those who live there
  • Return home never looking at your city, yourself, or your neighbours the same way again