I enjoy a good walk, a chance to slow down and observe my surroundings at a comfortable pace. I’m happy walking about three to four hours at a stretch with some breaks along the way. And when those breaks include magnificent landscapes and majestic archaeological sites, even better! Our Peru’s Sacred Valley: A Lodge-to-Lodge Walking Tour offered in October, 2019 is exactly my kind of walk and I think it will be yours too.

This is our third time offering this tour. At the conclusion of each of our trips, our tour directors send in a report evaluating every aspect of the experience. I’m happy to share Liz Gifford’s report on our 2018 Peru Walking Tour. Liz addresses some of the most important features of our tour – if you have any other questions, please give me a call.

- Laurielle

What were the highlights of the tour for our travellers?
I think the highlights of the trip for most everyone included the stunning scenery along the near empty trails, our incredibly knowledgeable and patient guide, the comfortable accommodations that always had a creative and thoughtful touch, the delicious and well prepared meals of mostly local meat and produce and the wide variety of activities and learning opportunities.
Tell me about the accommodation along the trek?
All I can say is WOW! The accommodations were some of the best I have ever stayed in with every detail accounted for. In particular our lodge in the Sacred Valley (Huacuasi Lodge) had gorgeous views and modern styling. Each room had its own hot tub on the porch! Locals are employed to help run the lodge which helped us learn a lot about their local traditions and dress. It was amazing to finish two of our hikes right at the front door of our incredible hotel. The staff helped make a space in the center area for a yoga class and were always willing to help. They also taught a great cooking class.
 How about the food?
I really can’t say enough about how amazing our meals were! The attention to detail and quality was touched on at every meal service. We had an incredible chef team led by a friendly and knowledgeable head chef at Lamay Lodge and Huauacauasi Lodge. The guests enjoyed that he traveled with us and added to one of our visits to an archaeological site. As he was walking around with us he found local mushrooms that he picked and promised to make us a risotto with them.
 And the transportation?
Our drivers and vans were fantastic. We always felt safe in their hands and I was especially impressed with the high quality fleet of Sprinter vans used. It was also reassuring to know we could leave items in the van and they would be safe whilst we explored the archaeological sites.
Our in-country colleagues are so important to a trip. What can you tell us about our walking guide?
Fernando Silva was fantastic! His knowledge, patience, and connection to his place were above and beyond any guide I have worked with. He brought 25 years of guiding experience to our trip and his personal excitement for the location was always genuine. Fernando is passionate about education and environmental awareness, which matched perfectly with the high level of education of our guests. We all shared a special moment with him when he was leading our day tour at Sacsayhuman and he was talking about his Quechua ancestors’ connection with the area and tears came to his eyes. It was powerful for all of us to see how meaningful this area is to him and made us appreciate him even more.
Were we able to connect with people along the way?
Every one of our guests appreciated the small village economic support and projects that their lodges and trips have brought to the region. It is important to be connected with a local partner that is owned and run by locals and that consistently gives back to the community.
Our upcoming small-group walking tour in Peru's Sacred Valley takes place in October, 2019. Click here to learn more and request a detailed itinerary today!