The world is filled with incredibly picturesque, beautiful, historical places to visit. Travelling is essential to a fulfilling life that helps you learn, grow, be challenged and discover. Although most of us would love to visit every piece and part of the world in one lifetime, travelling can become quite an expensive task. It can feel daunting to narrow down and decide on which destinations to visit.

However, there are a few destinations that you really must-see. Whether you’re just starting your around the world journey or it’s coming to a close, ensure you have these destinations on your list.

1. Namibia, Africa

Namibia travel 2020

Namibia is home to some of Africa’s most picturesque landscapes ever. Namibia has mountainous sand dunes that are some of the largest and oldest in the world, estimated to be about 5 million years old. The sand dunes change and transform colours with the sky from a light, shimmering orange to a dark, rusty red. Namibia is also home to the incredible history from falling under German colonial rule in 1884 until 1915, there are still street signs with German names and offering German dishes. But long before these colonial powers took control, Namibia was home to various indigenous tribes, including the San Bushmen, which are one of the earliest settlers.

Namibia is also an extremely safe destination, considered one of the safest countries in all of Africa. With the highest literacy rate, English is widely spoken across the country. There is also ample wildlife with Namibia parks being home to some of Africa’s most well-known wildlife, including African elephants, plains zebras, giraffes, black backed jackals, and ostriches.

Coorg, India

2. Coorg, India

Coorg, India, is located in South India and often referred to as the “Scotland of India.” It is a small, tranquil location within the Western Ghats. Famous for its ample, wide variety of animal life, beautiful landscapes and people, Coorg is one of the most-travelled destinations in all of South India. Home to the Abbi Falls, this waterfall is a peaceful spot flowing into the Cauvery river. During our tour, you will take a scenic drive through the green countryside and hills of the Western Ghats as we make our way to the state of Coorg. Coorg is also home to an incredibly austere Tibetan monastery. This is because there is a large Tibetan population in South India and in Coorg, the Namdroling monastery is filled with history and beautifully detailed temple artifacts.


3. Uganda, Africa

Winston Churchill once referred to Uganda as the “pearl of Africa” because of its warm temperatures and friendliest people. Uganda has an abundance of some of the world’s most beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers and, of course, wildlife! On your tour through Uganda, you will get the chance to view gorillas and chimpanzees in their natural habitats. The cultural diversity is vast, with over 50 languages spoken and multiple ethnic groups.

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