SEPTEMBER 10, 2021
Flexibility + Reliability = Book your trip with a $50 deposit.
From now until September 10 2021 you can secure your spot on any 2021 or 2022 land tour with a deposit of $50 per person. A further $450 deposit is due when the Canadian government “Avoid All Travel” Advisory to your destination is lifted.
The following special terms and conditions apply to all new bookings on our
group land tours made before September 10, 2021:
  • You may transfer your deposit to any other trip within 2 years of your travel date without penalty any time up to 60 days prior to departure.
  • Your final payment is due 60 days prior to departure. Cancellations within 60 days of departure are subject to our standard terms and conditions. However, if our Tour Ready criteria are not met, your tour will not operate and we will transfer your payments to your choice of tour within 2 years of your initial travel date.
Please note:
1. Because we charter small ships exclusively for our group, our ship-based tours have
specific booking, transfer, and cancellation conditions. These are outlined on
the Detailed Itinerary for each tour.
2. As Private Journey arrangements are made especially for you, all payments for Private
Journeys are non-refundable. Credits for postponed trips to the same
destination may be issued in special circumstances.

Our tours will proceed when all the following four-point Tour Ready criteria
are met:
  • The Canadian government does not have an ‘Avoid All Travel’ advisory to the country or region within a country for any part of the tour.
  • No region of the tour has any significant COVID-19 related restrictions.
  • There is reliable airline access for arrival and departure.
  • Worldwide Quest and our in-country partners are confident that your trip can operate safely and enjoyably.
Worldwide Quest has been awarded the #SafeTravels Stamp by @WTTC for
adopting health and hygiene global standardized protocols.


What if my destination country is clear to travel to, but then has an outbreak of COVID-19 or brings in a mandatory quarantine for Canadian visitors within the 60 days prior to travel period?
If the destination country fails to meet our four-point criteria for two consecutive weeks within the 60 days prior to departure or at any time within two weeks of departure, you can transfer 100% of your group land tour payments to any other group tour within two years of your departure date without penalty.

What if the Canadian government issues an ‘Avoid all Travel’ advisory within 60 days of my tour?
If this advisory is in place for two consecutive weeks prior to your tour or within two weeks of your group land tour date, our four-point criteria is not met. You can transfer 100% of your payments to any other group tour within two years of your departure date without penalty. Note that this applies ONLY to a travel advisory due to COVID-19. If the travel advisory is for any other reason (weather, political action etc…), our usual terms and conditions apply. Note that cancellation and insurance policies cover travel advisories of this nature. For this reason, we urge you to ensure that you have appropriate coverage in place.

I don’t live in Canada. What if my government’s travel advisory is different to the Canadian government’s?

Worldwide Quest is based in Toronto, Canada, so we are subject to the Canadian government’s travel advisories. For travellers based in other countries, we ask you to review your travel status at 60 days prior to travel when your final balance is due. If you wish to transfer your group land tour deposit at that time, you may do so without penalty.

What if a mandatory quarantine is put into place on return from my trip?
Worldwide Quest will not cancel a tour if there is a mandatory quarantine upon your return, as we know that most travellers are comfortable self-isolating at home.

What if my tour meets Worldwide Quest’s criteria for proceeding, but I still want to cancel?
We have established comprehensive criteria for our tours’ viability. While some minor changes to the itinerary may be necessary to ensure the tour’s safety, we will ensure that the tour activities and experiences are not compromised. Therefore, if our tour is proceeding, our standard terms and conditions apply.

Does my travel insurance cover Coronavirus?
This will depend on the wording of your individual travel policy. Policies issued after March 15, 2020 have specific clauses regarding COVID-19. Some policies will cover your medical expenses should you contract COVID-19 while travelling but will not cover your cancellation costs should you contract the virus prior to departure. We urge you to verify all details of your coverage. Many policies offer ‘cancel for any reason’ (CFAR) coverage which provides enhanced protection for cancellation. Please note that Medical Insurance is mandatory for all our tours. We strongly urge you to ensure that you have Cancellation and Interruption Insurance in place should an unexpected event force you to cancel your travel arrangements. While we are all justly focussed on the impact of COVID-19, we must also remember that unexpected events such as breaking a leg or the illness of a family member may occur and may prevent you for travelling or require that you return home during your tour.