South India is home to some of the best cuisine in the world, and there’s no better way to say good morning in South India than with a big, delicious breakfast! With such a diverse variety of food to suit any taste, how can you possibly choose which delicious meal to indulge in to start your day? Worldwide Quest is here to help with that decision: we’ve put together a list of five delicious breakfasts - take the opportunity to try them out on our February, 2016 culinary trip to South India.

1. To wake up like a traditional South Indian: try Idli. A typical South Indian breakfast and snack food, idli is a fluffy steamed cake made from fermented rice and black lentils. Although rather mild on its own, idli is usually served with a variety of condiments so you can adjust the taste just the way you like it.

2. If you’re looking to spice up your morning: try Masala Dosa. A tangy thin flatbread provides the base for a breakfast filled with potatoes, rice, and spices to deliver a hearty and crispy variation on the popular dosas that originated in South India. Part crepe, part breakfast burrito - completely delicious!

3. For a savoury twist on a morning treat: try Vada. Although these deep-fried delicacies may take on the size and shape of the classic western donut, they are traditionally filled with ingredients such as lentils, onions, and curry leaves to provide a more nutritious breakfast.
4. To get a healthy start on your day: try Upma. It is a vegetarian wheat snack similar to porridge and traditionally garnished with coconut and chopped cilantro. It only takes about ten minutes to make and uses very little oil and butter, making it a first choice for both the rushed and the health-conscious South Indian. And it’s surprisingly filling, too!

5. For an Asian variation on your morning crepe: try Pesarattu. Similar to those dosas already mentioned, pesarattu is the way to go if you want something a little crispier and less spicy. The South Indians take pride in serving this unique dish with coconut sambar and ginger chutney to hungry travellers from far and wide.

And breakfast is just the beginning! There are so many delicious meals waiting to be discovered on our tour. Please click here to learn more.