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When the World Went Online, Inuktitut Followed

By: Jennifer Kingsley
Nunavut’s language experts looked to the past to invent new words for the digital age. “Meet the North,” a series that ventures into the lives of some of the 4 million people who call the Arctic home, learns how a language stays strong in the Facebook era.  OTTAWA – I’m sitting at a patio table with two of Nunavut’s foremost language experts, Leena Evic and...

Fall for Fogo this Berry Season!

By: Amanda Butler and Anjali Bentley
Located on the very edge of the North Atlantic, Newfoundland's Fogo Island is quickly earning international fame due to its architecturally groundbreaking Inn, tranquil atmosphere, and wonderful blend of past and future. With a population under 3000, this small community is now welcoming visitors from all over the world.Fogo Island residents claim they have seven seasons: late fall; berry season; ...

The Subtle Genius of Elena Ferrante's Bad Book Covers

By: Emily Harnett of The Atlantic
Click here to view Classical Pursuits' literary adventure through Elena's world: Naples and Ischia.   Readers complain about the imagery that adorns the author's highbrow novels. But there's value in embracing the oft-scorned 'women's fiction' genre.With their sandy beaches and windswept women, the U.S. editions of Elena Ferrante’s novels look familiar even if you’ve never se...

Our song to remember Iceland

By: Lynn B., traveller
On the first day in Iceland Jean pointed out to usA Puffin flying out to sea...On the second day in Iceland Jean pointed out to usTwo Oystercatchers and…On the third day in Iceland Jean pointed out to usThree nesting Fulmars…On the fourth day in Iceland Jean pointed out to usFour Kittiwakes… On the fifth day in Iceland Jean pointed out to usFive Guillemots… On the sixth day...

Jean Iron's videos taken in Iceland

By: Jean Iron
As our Canadian University Alumni group travelled around Iceland, tour leader Jean Iron had her camera ready to catch the most unique sightings. Below are links to YouTube videos so good you'll feel like you're there with her! Humpback Whale Slapping Atlantic Puffin carrying fish Enjoy the sightings!  - Jean ...

Meet our Friends at Dechenla Lodge

By: Justin Peter
Dechenla Lodge and Wilderness Resort is located just across the Yukon border in the Northwest Territories.What makes Dechenla wilderness resort such a unique destination is its situation on a high elevation tundra plateau nestled between two distinct ranges of mountains. This produces breath-taking scenery, amazing diversity and is a sense of unfettered space and tranquility. The ever-changing lig...