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Going with the 'Floe'

By: Robin McKie
It was the sight of a beached whale that provided us with a hint that we might soon get up close and personal with one of the planet’s greatest predators. Our party was drifting – in Zodiac power boats – over the icy waters of Coningham Bay, on Prince William Island in Canada’s high Arctic – when the beluga was spotted lying on the shore. A couple of others were seen ...

Tales from the Ioffe: Spotting Whales and Bears in Canada's Northwest Passage

By: Ian Shanahan
Our second consecutive day highlighted by jaw-dropping Arctic whale encounters was drawing to a close. After spending the final day of August exploring the dramatic Gibbs Fjord and sighting 2 pods of Narwhals surfacing against a backdrop of cascading outflow glaciers, September greeted us with glass calm seas, sunny skies and upwards of twenty Bowhead Whales (perhaps the planet’s longest-liv...

Two Japanese Recipes from Diane and Doug Clement

By: Diane and Doug Clement
Diane and Doug travel the world and find inspiration through the culture's cuisine. They recently led our alumni UBC group tour through Japan called Japan: Food, Fitness and Healthy Ageing. They returned home with two special recipes to share with us.'Like many Canadians, Diane and I have a real interest in extending our independence and active years as we age. Can we learn something from Japan in...

Prairie Potholes You Actually Don't Want to Miss

By: Ian Shanahan
On Quest’s In Search of Whoopers tour, we explore many back roads in pursuit of one of North America’s most iconic birds: the Whooping Crane. Though many of these unpaved roads are in excellent condition, we will inevitably encounter a few potholes one generally prefers to avoid...on the road. Off the road, the ‘potholes’ are exactly what one doesn’t want to miss and ...

Cuba! The times they are a-changin'

By: Ann Kirkland, Urban Explorer
“And keep your eyes wideThe chance won’t come again”– Bob DylanSometimes one has the chance to be an eyewitness to history at a remarkable moment.Ten years ago, visitors were told what we now know to be true: that along with the end of the Castro regime would come change. And, with the recent detente between Cuba and the U.S., the island is on the brink of a different kind ...

Kyoto: The Florence of the East

By: Sean Forester
Each travel experience is unique, with its own set of rich memories. But what if you had to choose a favourite city? Would you choose the romance of Paris, the grandeur of Rome, the energy of New York? Perhaps your special city is Barcelona or Buenos Aires? In June, Travel + Leisure magazine published its annual awards. Thousands of readers voted on the best city in the world to visit, which was ...