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The Familiar and Unfamiliar in the Heart of Europe

By: Justin Peter
It would be easy to accuse me of bias in extolling the virtues of Central Europe as a nature travel destination. Indeed, my paternal lineage is deeply rooted in this land, and my first visit at age 7 with my dad – to a then-communist and totalitarian Czechoslovakia as well as the neighbouring (and free) Austria – left a strong impression on me. Back then, there was an obvious psycholo...

Loving our Beloved Myanmar

By: Lynette and Roger, Worldwide Quest Clients
Just wanted to let you know that we are loving our beloved Myanmar. One year later and we are amazed at changes in the country that we have seen in the short four days here. Wifi is available in many areas, restaurants and hotels and the connection is quite strong. The other significant change is the number of ATM’s we have seen in the areas that we have travelled to. We loved viewing ...

Travelling with the Works of Flannery O'Connor

By: Ann Kirkland, Urban Explorer
I love this trip and always come away with new and refreshing insights gleaned from the participants and exposure to O’Connor’s surroundings.Flannery O’Connor is not a difficult writer in the way of James Joyce – requiring constant deciphering of obscure references. Nor is it necessary to have a dictionary handy. But to the uninitiated, her writing can seem at once cold and...

Come Take Your Soul for a Stroll with Me

By: Ann Kirkland, Urban Explorer
I devote most Fridays to a day-long walk through Toronto’s extensive ravine system with about 25 fellow devotees. What are we devoted to? We are devoted to walking and to the Camino de Santiago. All of us have either walked (sometimes many times) or are preparing to walk the Camino. We share stories, tips, and memories. We can’t shake the Camino, nor do we want to. Our Friday walks are...

Zebras: Not All Painted With the Same Brush

By: Justin Peter
While an almost ubiquitous feature of television wildlife documentaries filmed in sub-Saharan Africa, zebras generally play no more than a supporting or background role to their larger, fiercer or more abundant neighbours. Perhaps their resemblance to horses renders them too familiar to be generally considered as 'serious' lead players. Regardless, they possess their very own innate interest and t...

My Adventures in India with the Womens Travel Network

By: Debbie Ross
There is only one way to describe India: Incredible. Delhi is a big busy city full of contrasts, noise, colorful sights and sweet smells of incense in the air. Day 1: Arrive DelhiOur adventure begins with a drive through the Imperial city which was built by the British in the 1600's. There are wide avenues, large complexes with homes for the government employees and spacious parks wher...