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Recommended Reading: Flight By Elephant

By: Samantha Clark
As we ponder the possibilities that await us in Myanmar next March, it's only natural that we are curious about the history and crave context. Our tour leader, Paula Swart recommended this gripping read for us: Flight By Elephant by Andrew Martin, the untold story of World War II's most daring jungle rescue. The full synopsis is as follows:'The incredible story of Gyles Mackrell and his Burmese, e...

Marooned Among the Polar Bears

By: Justin Peter
Early last November near Churchill, Manitoba our Quest Nature Tours group was watching two Polar Bears at close-range from the comfort of a Tundra Buggy, a hulky vehicle specially designed to allow us to safely watch Polar Bears, which are the largest of the world’s eight bear species, weighing upwards of 1,800 pounds. They had been unenthusiastically chewing on seaweed on the shore of ...

Words from Morocco

By: Laurielle Penny
I discovered the gorgeous seaside town of Essaouira - it's a little jewel filled with craft shops, like this shoe store I discovered. Who could resist raffia sandals made to measure? Latif has an array of brightly coloured shoes - pick the style and the colour and he will measure and cut the sole to fit. Latif is the fourth generation of shoe maker here, carrying on a tradition that is still fre...

Nature Photography Tips

By: Tony Beck
Thanks to the world of digital photography, taking pictures has never been easier. Modern cameras are smart, versatile, and intuitive, providing remarkable quality, often in a convenient, small package. But regardless of how easy it is to take a good photo nowadays, it’s still a challenge to achieve spectacular image quality on a consistent basis. The experience of seeing beautiful wildlife ...

Touring Markets of Jodhpur

By: Samantha Clark
Jodhpur is an old town with narrow streets lined with houses limewashed in blue, giving it the nickname the “Blue City”. It is a city built around the largest fort in all of Rajasthan: Mehrangarh Fort. On our upcoming tour through North India, we will stop here. You will find yourself hypnotized by the booming handicrafts industry, starting with Ghasmandi Road, which has the largest co...

What to Expect in Iceland

By: Jean Iron
Iceland’s seacoasts, spectacular mountain scenery, fine birdwatching and wildlife viewing, friendly people and excellent food make for an ideal summer vacation. Its glaciers, volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and clays, wild salmon rivers and waterfalls provide endless photographic opportunities. Close to the Arctic Circle but moderated by the Gulf Stream, Iceland’s early summer weather ...