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The Quest Nature Tours Experience

We aim to contribute to nature conservation by providing our travellers with the chance to experience wild spaces and learn about wildlife in natural habitats. We’re delighted to welcome back our many repeat travellers who enjoy our unique programs, our expert leaders and our style of travel. We’re equally delighted to introduce our programs to a growing number of Quest first-timers who enjoy learning about the wildlife and natural environments we share. Our tours are all about exceptional and educational nature experiences, camaraderie and fun. We’re small and we plan to keep it that way. We focus on the elements we call the Quest Essentials:

Small Groups

Our groups are typically in the size range of 8 - 16 participants. On our daily excursions we may divide into even smaller groups, so that you can be with fewer than eight others as you explore. Our small group size allows us to be attentive and quiet, giving us greater opportunity to observe wildlife. Our logistics are flexible. We use smaller vehicles and vessels to limit our environmental impact. All our activities, such as talks, meals and gatherings are enjoyable and focused.

Expert Leaders

Every Quest tour is led by one of our team of expert Canadian naturalists. They are knowledgeable, congenial and extraordinarily capable. Their objective is to ensure that our Quest travellers get the most out of the nature experience. A local naturalist also accompanies all tours outside North America. Each is a highly trained expert with exceptional knowledge of the flora and fauna of his or her local region. Local guides help us to find and identify wildlife and share their knowledge of the habits of the creatures we encounter as well as the dynamics of the environment as a whole.

More time exploring

Our tours are carefully conceived and executed to maximize your time in the field. Our daily itineraries are full, but not exhausting, and we build in ample opportunities for rest. There is nothing routine about our days. While we travel with a goal and destination in mind, we always give priority to field observations by choosing routes that allow us to maximize wildlife viewing along the way and modifying our itinerary as necessary and possible.

All taken care of

From the moment you call our office, we’ll take care of all the details from pre-departure information to post-tour species compilations. Virtually everything is included in the tour cost: accommodations, meals, transportation, activities and gratuities. We travel off the beaten path without sacrificing comfort. Our meals can be simple but are always of good quality. And we place the focus on where it should be: discovering our natural world.