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There is a special intrigue associated with an ancient, dense jungle where life is seemingly tucked into every possible corner. Star players in Borneo’s forests are the primates. A visit to the pristine forests of Sabah, with their enormous sentinel trees, offers viewing opportunities of the idiosyncratic Proboscis Monkey, Pig-tailed Macaque, Red-leaf Monkey, Bornean Gibbon and one of the best-loved animals on Earth: the Orangutan – an animal that gives new meaning to the term “gentle giant”. The myriad blooming flowers – including the 65 cm-wide blossom of the Rafflesia plant – attract legions of exotic butterflies. Equally impressive birds such as hornbills, broadbills, kingfishers and pheasants enchant. Rich cultural traditions also endure here. The towns of Sibu and Kuching feature tropical-colonial architecture mixed with old Chinese shop houses. Floating along the Rajang River takes you “into the heart of Borneo” as described by Redmon O’Hanlon in his classic text. Here, the welcoming Iban people live in concert with a land that is as bountiful as it is magical.
  • The Borneo rainforest is home to the Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world, spanning up to a meter wide
  • Raja Sir James Brooke, known as "the White Raja of Sarawak" and his family ruled the area for 100 years
  • Sipadan Island, off Sabah, is one of the worlds top diving spots
  • Sarawak is regarded as one of Asia's best kept secrets due to its virgin rainforest
  • Malaysia's cuisine deliciously mirrors the country's fusion of cultures
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Signature Moments
  • Meeting the researchers at the Matang Wildlife Centre
  • Dining with the Iban in a traditional longhouse
  • Following a new trail in the jungle with our naturalist guide

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