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New Tour Alert!
09 Jun

New Tour Alert!

Looking for a fantastic adventure in the remote reaches of Vancouver Island? Join expert guide Pamela Duynstee to explore the north island in-depth in your own private group this summer or book now for 2022!
- Watch for orca and humpbacks on a full-day kayak expedition
- Relax in the comfort of the First Nations’ owned lodges
- Connect with totem pole artists
- Hike hidden forest trails
These are just some of the activities on the brand new “North Island In-Depth” program. Learn more here.
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New Tour Alert!
01 Jun

New Tour Alert!

Celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico
October 25 - November 3, 2022  |  Learn more

Visiting Mexico during the extraordinary Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festivities is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and culture of Mexico past and present. While it may seem ghoulish to gringos that death and festivities can go hand-in-hand, for most Mexicans, it’s very natural. Prepare to enter the world where Mexicans celebrate with their beloved dead. We will learn how they prepare, what they do and why, and how they return to ordinary time when the spirits go back where they came from on November 2.
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New Tour Alert!
27 May

New Tour Alert!

Join us in the heart of Italy at harvest time to experience ancient hill towns, an exquisite countryside of olive, cypress, and vine, and an abundance of peaceful places to meditate and reflect.

A Mindful Journey to Tuscany 
October 9 - 18, 2022  |  Learn more
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