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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us with any and all questions. We'd love to hear from you!


How do I book/pay?

Please contact us to confirm your booking and make any payments. Payment of the deposit by VISA, MasterCard, or cheque means you’re booked.

How long can you hold a space for me?

We can hold your spot for seven days. Because most of our tours are limited to 18 participants, we’re not able to hold a spot any longer.

Where can I find the booking form?

To help us be a little more environmentally friendly, we use an online registration form. Once you confirm your booking with your deposit, we’ll send you a link to our online Trip Manager. Log in with your email address and password to complete your registration form. You can access all your trip information here too.

When is my tour confirmed?

The Detailed Itinerary sets out the minimum and maximum number of participants for each tour. As soon as we reach our minimum numbers, we’ll let you know that your tour is confirmed. Some tours are confirmed a year or more in advance; most tour are confirmed at least six months prior to departure. In rare instances, we offer participants the opportunity to pay a small group supplement to confirm a tour that is below its minimum numbers.

Why are payments non-refundable?

All trip payments are non-refundable because there are set costs we incur on each of our tours. If you change your mind up to six months prior to the start of a land tour, we can transfer your initial deposit to another tour to be booked within one year. Payments for expedition cruises are non-refundable. We always recommend you purchase insurance coverage in case you need to cancel or if the tour becomes inoperable.

Do your tours include international airfare?

International flights to/from the start and end points of your tour are not included in your tour price. Worldwide Quest can suggest the best flight options that will meet both the tour requirements and your budget.

Are gratuities included in the cost of my tour?

All our small group land tours include all gratuities and taxes. On some expedition cruises, gratuities are paid directly by travellers.

Can you arrange an extension to my tour?

Yes, we can! We can book our group hotel for you if you’re arriving before the start date or staying on past the end of the tour. We can also design a complete Private Journey for you before or after your group tour. For a number of tours, we also offer set extensions that allow you to discover another part of the destination country or region, worry-free.

Is it safe to go to ….. ?

We monitor travel alerts from the Government of Canada “Travel Advice and Advisories”, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK) and the State Department (USA) and information from our offices in-country, but we base our recommendations on the Government of Canada’s advisories. If they advise against travel to a particular place included on our tour, we will adjust our itinerary to avoid that place. If they advise against ‘non-essential travel’ or against ‘all travel’ to the entire region, your tour may not be operable. For this reason, it is essential that you have cancellation and interruption insurance.

What is the average age of your travellers?

The age range varies with the different types of tours we offer, but the majority would be between 50 and 80. Children over 12 years old, accompanied by their parents or grandparents are welcome on many of our tours. Please contact us to find out if your tour is recommended for children.

How do I know if I’m in good enough shape for my tour?

Every tour’s Detailed Itinerary includes a “level of activity” section which describes the physical requirements for your tour. Many of our cultural tours include a fair bit of walking as we think this is the best way to get to know a place. Our nature tours include walks to reach specific areas.

Will my dietary restrictions (no dairy, no gluten, diabetic, etc.) be looked after?

We share all dietary requirements with our hotels and restaurants. The study leader and tour director will also be aware of them.

Will I need to find a restaurant if dinner is not included?

The Detailed Itinerary tells you which meals are included. We always include breakfast and typically include at least one other meal (lunch or dinner) each day. Many of our tours include all meals. Most of our travellers enjoy having some independent meals, however our study leader and tour director are happy to get an (optional) group together to dine on independent evenings.

I don’t have a roommate. How can I avoid the single supplement?

We commonly get requests from single travellers who would like to share a room. If you wish to share with a fellow traveller you can reserve your accommodation on a “request share” basis. We always encourage anyone wanting a roommate to reserve as early as possible. Many of our travellers have found great travel companions this way.

What kind of travel insurance should I have?

Medical insurance is mandatory on all Worldwide Quest tours. We will provide you with a quote for this coverage or you may arrange your own insurance. We strongly recommend Cancellation and Interruption Insurance should an unexpected event cause you to cancel or interrupt your tour or should the tour become inoperable.

Do you have a loyalty program?

Yes! We are so proud of our community of travellers and appreciate that so many choose to travel frequently with us. Travel twice with us and you become a member of the Worldwide Explorers Club. Earn 5% off all your subsequent, catalogue-advertised group tours. The bonus is non-transferable and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or credit. Note that some exceptions may apply. Members also get access to special offers and exploratory tours.

How does Quest Nature Tours fit into the Worldwide Quest family?

Quest Nature Tours is the founding program and cornerstone of the Worldwide Quest family. The natural history tour offerings by Quest Nature Tours have come to set the standard for all Worldwide Quest tours, with a special focus on learning and real-time discovery of your environment, whether we are focusing on nature, culture or the arts.

What’s an Alumni Expedition?

These are tours specially designed for university alumni associations and are open to all interested travellers (alumni or not). These tours have an enhanced educational component and are typically led by a faculty member who’s an expert in their field.

What is the relationship between Classical Pursuits and Worldwide Quest?

Classical Pursuits conceives of a trip idea and the literature, art, and encounters around which the trip should be structured. Worldwide Quest takes the expert reins for all the logistics, making all the arrangements each aspect of the itinerary and taking responsibility for client care. Classical Pursuits also offers a fascinating week-long Toronto seminar series. 

What is the relationship between Women’s Travel Network and Worldwide Quest?

WTN tours are especially conceived for women who enjoy the camaraderie and security of being with a group of women. All WTN tours are hosted.