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Words fail to describe the incomparable level of biodiversity in Colombia, though many a word has been written to great acclaim in this literary hotbed of South America. Imbibed in the cobblestone streets and colonial architecture are poems and stories from such renowned writers as Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This is set against a backdrop of excellent tropical cuisine, a vibrant night-life, cultural festivals and of course the landscapes that ooze life from every crack, crevice, leaf and riverbed. The Amazon and Orinoco are 2 of 4 mighty drainage basins found here; the latter is referenced in singer Enya’s popular song Orinoco Flow and its enchanting refrain “sail away, sail away, sail away”. The largest diversity of birds found in any country on Earth occupy the 314 ecosystems that range from the Pacific coast up to the snow-capped peaks of the Andes that reach as high as 5300 metres above sea level. Colombia also ranks first worldwide in orchid diversity and second in plants, freshwater fishes, amphibians and butterflies. Whether you plan to immerse yourself in cultural thrills of cities like Bogota and Cartagena or marvel at life at its richest, Colombia is eager to welcome you.
  • You will be entranced by the Latin rhythms in the cafes and on the streets
  • Colombia has the highest amount of bird and orchid species in the world
  • The Caño Cristales- commonly called “The Liquid Rainbow”- is known as the most colourful river in the world
  • Colombia produces more emeralds than any other country
  • “El Dorado” originally translated as “The Gilded One”, and initially referred to a man- not a city- of gold
Good To Know
Signature Moments
  • Sipping Colombian coffee in the Zona Cafetera
  • Smiling among the voluptuous street sculptures of Botero in Medellin
  • Strolling through the historic walled neighborhood of Cartegena 

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