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Isolated island ecosystems host some of Earth’s most bizarre life forms, perhaps none more so than Madagascar where some 90 % of the plant and animal life is unique to the island. Madagascar lies off of Africa’s eastern coast and has been a lone sentinel in the Indian Ocean for over 60 million years, leading to its incredible array of endemic species found nowhere else on Earth. Chief among them are the lemurs, many species and subspecies of which are sure to be sighted during your exploration. In the realm of reptiles and amphibians, colourful frogs and a kaleidoscope of chameleons add vibrancy to forests already ornamented with orchids and other stunning flowers. Casual and keen bird-watchers alike cannot help but be bowled over by such exotic endemics as Sickle-billed Vangas. Richness of life reaches new heights in the humid rainforests and arid plains of Madagascar. Join us to celebrate this mesmerizing natural diversity.
  • Found only in Madagascar, the Ring-tailed Lemur is one of over 100 known species and subspecies of lemur
  • Madagascar is home to hundreds of species of animals found nowhere else on Earth
  • The influence of Southeast Asian, African, Indian, Chinese and European migrants can be tasted in Madagascar's diverse cuisine- don't forget to bring home some vanilla!
  • Madagascar is home to the planet’s largest chameleon and smallest chameleon
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  • Spotting the cat-like Fossa

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