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Papua New Guinea

Wild and mysterious, Papua New Guinea offers a special and unique experience for intrepid travellers. Often rustic, and with a travel infrastructure in its early stages of development, PNG calls to adventurous spirits and trailblazers who are prepared to explore some of the world’s most varied indigenous traditions, endless expanses of biologically rich forest and dramatic montane slopes. As an archipelago of over 600 islands mixed with vibrant coral reefs and atolls, the surrounding waters are a marine explorer’s paradise. The word “paradise” is synonymous with natural life in PNG, especially in regards to a special family of birds that has long dazzled visitors with splendid ornamentation and vivacious mating rituals. 36 of PNG’s 38 Birds-of-Paradise species are endemic, and about two thirds of all PNG’s flora and fauna share this unique distinction. Almost all of the 800 distinct languages found here – a third of the world’s total languages – belong to indigenous tribes, who celebrate their folklore traditions through rhythmic dancing during colourful and elaborate sing-sing festivals.
  • The world's only known poisonous bird, the Hooded Pitohui is native to Papua New Guinea
  • Until 1933, the country used sea shells as its national currency 
  • To this day, the monarch of the UK serves as the Head of Papua New Guinea
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Signature Moments
  • Pursuing endemic bird families such as berrypeckers, berryhunters, ploughbill and more
  • Visit a camp of the famous Huli Wigmen
  • Photographing the endemic Birds-of-Paradise in the highlands


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