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Mike Kent

Mike Kent is an excellent all-round naturalist and educator based in southwestern Ontario. He has worked as a Park Naturalist at Ontario’s Killbear Provincial Park and the famous Algonquin Provincial Park, and as a Tour Manager at the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens in Costa Rica’s highland cloud forests. He has a keen and abiding interest in all life forms with a particular fondness for insects, fungi and other under-appreciated groups. Mike is active as a volunteer with various conservation groups, notably Lambton Wildlife, his ‘home’ naturalist group in Sarnia, Ontario. Mike assisted with the 2018 Trinidad & Tobago tour, and you can be assured of benefiting from his excellent observational and interpretive skills whenever you are on tour with him!

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Current Projects

Coordinating the Lambton Wildlife Young Naturalist Club

Memorable Moment

Capping off a successful birding day in Trinidad & Tobago with a perfectly timed rum punch, as the sun set and hundreds of Scarlet Ibis flew in to roost before our eyes. The Scarlet Ibis were a similar colour to the rum punches, but brighter!