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Liam Singh

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Liam Singh grew up with a deep fascination for the ecosystems and organisms of western North America, honing his naturalist skills along the rocky intertidal beaches around Victoria, BC. With strong interests namely in birds, reptiles, insects, and marine invertebrates, Liam has taken his passion for biodiversity from his home on Vancouver Island worldwide through both his work assignments and personal travels.

As a biologist in training at the University of Victoria, Liam’s summer field work has led him to work with endangered prairie specialists in Southern Alberta, monitoring breeding passerines in the boreal forests of Northern Alberta, and soon he will be embarking on his next adventure in one of the most rapidly changing landscapes, the Canadian Arctic, where he will be monitoring Arctic-breeding shorebirds. Liam has also worked with snakes in his local Garry Oak meadows and has a keen eye to finding well seldom-seen and lesser-known species. His interest in cryptic and variable taxa quickly led him to the world of gulls, where he has been working on creating a photographic archive of the gulls of the Canadian West Coast. This attention to detail has also aided in his success as a photographer and artist, where his work has been featured in guides, galleries, and research papers.

He has visited several destinations in the personal pursuit for wildlife in such places including Madagascar, Ecuador, Northern India, Australia, the Galapagos Islands, the Bering Sea, and many parts of Canada.
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