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Most Liveable Cities

Cities are birthplaces of civilization; centres of culture, trade, and progress – and by 2080 will be home to 80% of the world’s population. Urban Explorer Ann Kirkland invites you to travel with her to some of the world’s most liveable cities where we will discover what delights and enlivens people who call a particular city home. Most Liveable Cities is a new and engaging series of trips to places where people love to live.
What makes a Liveable City?
What will we do?
  • Vibrant and walkable neighbourhoors
  • Streets that burst with life
  • Transit options that work for all – pedestrians, cyclists, public transit users, taxis, and, where necessary, drivers
  • Public spaces that are beautiful, exciting, and well-maintained
  • Housing that is plentiful and affordable
  • Step into the shoes of local residents and walk around, seeing the city through their eyes
  • Find innovative examples of community-building and creating public spaces
  • Meet urban leaders, professional architects and planners, and, of course, those who live there
  • Return home never looking at your city, yourself, or your neighbours the same way again