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Bhutan's Zhiwa Ling hotel: centuries-old traditions meet luxury in the Paro valley

By: Ian Shanahan
If you believe that positivity is contagious, then you’ll want to stop by our office and chat with Worldwide Quest President Lewie Gonsalves about his past visits to Bhutan. This relatively small Himalayan nation borders Lewie’s home country of India, and he has developed a profound connection to its scared places and alpine vistas. In 2005, a new luxury hotel was constructed in the h...

Carleton's Most Interesting Man on Campus

By: Laurielle Penny
This November, Rod Phillips is leading our Chile and Argentina Wine Tour. Watch this video to get to know the most interesting man on Carleton's campus!Rod Phillips has taught at Carleton since 1989, and gives a popular course on the history of alcohol each year. He also judges in wine competitions in Canada, Europe, and elsewhere, and regularly travels to wine regions around the world. ...

Join the magic in Foley's Shed on Fogo Island

By: Amanda Butler
The award-winning Fogo Island Inn seems to be on pretty much every traveller’s bucket list lately, and for good reason! Aside from the luxurious amenities, the Inn offers an immersive East Coast Canadian experience that’s a refreshing remedy to our often hectic lives.An experience at Fogo Island Inn is made special by the Fogo Islanders themselves. The Inn offers a taste of life as an ...

Magical Himalayan Kingdoms

By: Lewie Gonsalves
Worldwide Quest President Lewie Gonsalves defines this as the “trip of a lifetime” – a pretty definitive statement for someone who’s been travelling the world for over 40 years. Every year or two, Lewie leads this remarkable journey across the so-called ‘roof of the world’ through the Magical Himalayan Kingdoms. Both in the stunning natural architecture of the H...

Notes from the Field: Justin's Scouting Trip to Borneo

By: Justin Peter
Last August, I had the distinct privilege of travelling to Borneo on a recce tour. Borneo isn’t completely unknown to our community of Quest travellers. Besides being famous as the home of the Bornean Orangutan, the island is renowned as a hotbed of biodiversity since the days of 19th Century naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace: a contemporary of Charles Darwin and fellow proponent of the theo...

Newfoundland History 101

By: Ann Kirkland
[We invite you to join us for a literary adventure very close to Ann’s heart: In Search of the Newfoundland Soul, in August 2017. What’s in store for you in Newfoundland? Read on to find out!]What do you think of when you think of Newfoundland? Because of the musical Come From Away, a current smash on Broadway after a wildly successful run in Canada, you may heard something about the ...