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Japanese culture is an endless source of wonder and inspiration in an increasingly globalized world. Here, ancient life thrives in many forms, from the temples and Shinto shrines to ancient theatre traditions such as Kabuki and Noh. Traditional Japan is also experienced in Hakone and Takayama amidst some of the country’s many mountain ranges. The dramatic landscapes and thousands of islands that comprise the Japanese archipelago were born from the convergence of three tectonic plates. This makes for a dynamic landscape that includes volcanoes and hot springs. One of the Earth’s most elegant groups of birds – the cranes – is a big part of Japanese culture, as evidenced by the fascinating origami tradition. In bustling urban centres like Kyoto and Tokyo, cutting edge design and architecture provide an astonishing juxtaposition of modern life to the ancient traditions from thousands of years in the past.
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to burb loudly when eating soup or noodles
  • Bullet trains travel at speeds of up to 300 kmph
  • Raised floors help indicate when to take off slippers or shoes
  • The first Geisha were men.  Geisha means "person of the arts"
  • Contrary to popular belief, true Kobe beef is only found in Japan due to tight controls and restrictions- can only come from Hyogo Prefecture
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Signature Moments
  • Exploring contemporary art galleries in Tokyo
  • Meeting the woodworkers in medieval Takayama
  • Contemplating the 16th-century Ryoanji Temple, with the dry garden of sand and rocks


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