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Charting the Growth of One of the World's Oldest Babies

By: University of Alberta
The discovery of a juvenile -- one of the rarest dinosaur discoveries -- made headlines around the world in late 2013: Professor Philip Currie from the University of Alberta and his colleagues have now published the results of their scientific findings in an alpha-level taxonomic description in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. 'For the first time ever, we have a complete skeleton of a ba...

First-hand Accounts from the Regina Rifle Regiment in the Rhineland, 1945

By: Ian Shanahan
“The shelling and fighting in these woods have been just as bad as anything encountered in NORMANDY.”This passage was written in the War Diary of the Regina Rifle Regiment at 2400 hours on 18 February, 1945. Considering the well-documented drudgery and sacrifice experienced by Canadian soldiers on the beaches of northern France in June, 1944, such a direct comparison is poignant.  ...

South India with a Literary Master

By: Melanie Blake
The only thing we are truly in agreement on concerning short stories, claims R. K. Narayan, often considered the father of modern Indian fiction in English, is that they are short. Agreement on what a story is remains elusive. For his part, Narayan “discover[s] a story when a personality passes through a crisis of spirit or circumstances. Almost invariably the central character faces some ki...

I'm Madly in Love with this Cookbook

By: Samantha Clark
‘Samarkand—Recipes & Stories from Central Asia & the Caucasus’ by Caroline Eden, Eleanor Ford.Over hundreds of years, various ethnic groups have passed through Samarkand, Uzbekistan, sharing and influencing each other's cuisine and leaving their culinary stamp. Samarkand is a love letter to Central Asia and the Caucasus, containing travel essays, beautiful photography and...

When it Comes to the Costa Rican Night, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

By: Ian Shanahan
The sun sets quickly in the tropics. Northern dwellers used to a gradual transition from day to night are often taken aback when daylight’s departure recalls a window being shut forcefully. This means there’s no time to prepare for the “night show” so to speak. As our eyes adjust to this new (and suddenly dark) world, our ears begin busily processing the sudden onset of a b...

BREAKING: Sir John Franklin's HMS Terror found after 168 years underwater

By: Ian Shanahan
Monday, September 12, 2016We are beyond excited today at Worldwide Quest! We've been planning next summer's two Northwest Passage expeditions all year, and each meeting has included the familiar phrase, 'wouldn't it be great if Franklin's second ship was discovered?' Well, as announced early this afternoon, our wishes were answered by a team from the Arctic Research Foundation! The HMS Terror was ...