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Why EcoCamp Patagonia is the best way to experience Torres del Paine National Park

By: Ian Shanahan
Get used to saying 'wow' a lot in Patagonia.  This region of dramatic Andean landscapes and high altitude wildlife is as mesmerizing as it is vast. Why, then, are we so excited about a relatively small cluster of green domes tucked into the surrounding vegetation in the eastern reaches of Torres del Paine National Park? Those rounded shelters comprise EcoCamp Patagonia, and here are four reas...

The Spectacularly Rugged Torngats

By: Brian Ratcliff
This coming summer, Quest Nature Tours is offering you the opportunity to visit one of Canada's most spectacular but seldom visited coastlines on our tour Wild Labrador and the Torngat Mountains. This trip has something that will appeal to everyone: interesting human history, abundant wildlife, and amazing geography.  A lot of history is associated with the Labrador Coast, and we will have op...

Celebrating Life, Death & Rebirth in Mexico

By: Melanie Blake
Every year, at the beginning of November, something extraordinary takes place in many areas of Mexico: Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) festivities. While it may seem ghoulish to gringos that “death” and “festivities” can go hand-in-hand, for most Mexicans, it’s very natural. The dead are not remembered or commemorated. Instead they are considered present.We will...

A Few of My Favourite Things in Taiwan

By: Laurielle Penny
Taiwan may not be on your radar yet – but it should be! There’s fabulous food, a trendy contemporary art scene, gorgeous scenery, clean and efficient infrastructure and, before it gets on the mainstream radar, great value. Asian Art Specialist Susan Lahey leads this tour and she’s selected her favourite aspects of life in Taiwan to share with you:The Art. An inspiring mix of trad...

A Brief (and Ironic) History of Moose on the “Rock”

By: Ian Shanahan
Just about every Newfoundlander has a Moose story. It comes with the territory (well, province, if we’re being picky). Not only are they common, but they’re pretty darn impressive even if you’ve seen them hundreds of times. Better yet, their surroundings are usually a picturesque setting combining serene wetland and thick forest (oftentimes with a touch of morning mist). As Newfo...

Canada's Arctic Sport Obsession

By: Jennifer Kingsley of BBC Travel
An Inuit town has its own brand of hockey fan, and they’re hardcore. Meet the people of Pond Inlet whose ingenuity is shown in their love for the game...  The town of hockey lovePond Inlet, Nunavut, is an Inuit town of 1,600 people at the northern tip of Baffin Island. It’s 650km north of the Arctic Circle, and surrounded by hundreds of miles of sea ice, Arctic mountain peaks and ...